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The second installation of the most unusual social network ever, PK XD, is at your disposal! Here you will enter the world of 3D adventures and entertainments with your buddies and those that are ready to become your new buddies! This is a virtual world of communication, creativeness, drive, and cool quests. Are you tired of the reality with all its restrictions, problems, and boring activities you must do? Well, here is the real remedy for you then. The game allows you to forget about the real world at least for a couple of hours and this is a truly amazing environment for everyone looking for real freedom! The digital universe will become your new home, while the local players will be your neighbors and friends!
We bet that you are tired of the banal and boring social networks. Photos of someone’s dinner, cat, or bunch of flowers – we have seen than for a thousand of times. Boring messages “how are you doing” and “nice photo” are so dull that tears are coming from your eyes. Well, the time has come to discover a brand new way of online communication. Here you will enjoy the real adventures! Accept challenging tasks, compete for prizes, gain coins, find pets, complete tasks, and have fun! Don’t forget to create a unique character that fully expresses your amazing personality – who knows, maybe deep in your heart you are a unicorn? A shark? A lobster? The choice is yours!
The in-game cash like coins and precious stones will help you create even more stylish images and make your room look truly amazing. Are you dreaming of a cozy nest with a fireplace and furry carpet? Or maybe you want to create an artistic super-stylish dwelling of a painter? How about turning your room into a space ship? Well, you are welcome to everything that comes to your bright mind. Be in for a treat in PK XD – the large universe is at your disposal. Entirely! Enjoy great graphics, thousands of customization options, really nice clothes to try on, interesting tasks to accomplish, and endless decorations for your house to combine! The gameplay here is absolutely elementary. Enter an unbelievable world of imagination and opportunities – PK XD will surely become the place where you will find friends and numerous options to kill time! Whenever you feel bored or lonely – launch this cool game and enjoy endless amazing adventures and quests!

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