PK XD for PC

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PK XD world is waiting for the new players to join! Are you ready? Everyone is invited, so hurry up and join the amazing universe where thousands of other gamers are playing, communicating, competing, gaining cool prizes, singing songs, dancing, decorating houses, and more! Indeed, this is a real heaven for kids – the safe environment where you can find friends, talk to them, visit their digital houses, and compete in various cool games. This is something you have been looking for. The PC version of the game allows you to launch it right from your computer. On our site, you will get an access to the online version of the game, which means that you don’t have to download anything to your computer – just enter the universe of PK XD with one click of your mouse!
The version for large desktops is truly amazing. Here you will have a chance to see all the locations as they are – huge, massive, bright, and detailed. Whether you enter your own room or go to the local park for a walk, the full screen PC version allows you to literally immerse into the universe of the game. Everything looks so real! You will definitely adore this full version and have fun when playing it. The game is available for all browsers and computers – it doesn’t require any special technical characteristics of your device. When entering the game, you will have a chance to make up an original character, then arrange a house, and enjoy endless opportunities for fun and entertainment! The game has a wide range of them for you. From discos and karaoke to calm evenings in your living room at a fireplace – everything is possible in PK XD! Call your friends to have a noisy party with daces and songs, get yourself a pet, take part in competitive quests, and what is the most amazing – enjoy digital communication with real-life players online! The game of your dream is available for free.

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