PK XD Last Version

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Continue your explorations of the bright and rich universe in the last version of PK XD! This one is developed for real fans of the game! You and your friends will have a chance to enjoy incredible adventures in the open and highly-interactive world. Connect to the server and meet more players there to communicate and enjoy your dream-like digital universe together. Don’t be shy to take part in challenging matches, tasks, and quests – they will bring you treasures! These are the coins and even precious stones that can be used to buy new clothes, unlock new features, add customization option, and more! In this version, you will find some surprising cool add-ons that will make you amazed for sure. This includes features of your characters as well as new pets and locations to explore.
Sing songs, dance along the music, sale around the sea, eat tasty treats! Do everything that you like that much! Kids adore this game because they have freedom of actions here, even though everything is virtual. Real people to communicate with as well as tasks to accomplish look and feel so real. What is more, this game is safe to play – parents can be calm that kids won’t stumble at something they shouldn’t see. There are no cheaters or trolls here – the game is moderated strictly. Enjoy a brand new world of fun and discoveries! This is not the only version of PK XD you can enjoy here. We have more of them on this resource, so you are welcome to check them all out. They are all free to play. What is more, be aware that we track the official updates, cool mods, cheats, and hacks. We share them all with our dear visitors, so come back for more. The section devoted to PK XD is updated all the time and we highly recommend you to bookmark it in case you are a real fan of the game! Be first to check the updates and new versions of the game here! Have a rest and find new friends!

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