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The open game world of PK XD is welcoming all kids to join! Endless adventures are waiting for you here. Enjoy the freedom of action, movement, and customization of everything you see around. Not only you can create any character to play for – whether a boy/girl or a dragon! Also, you will arrange the amazing dwelling where your character is going is to live. Make him or her look memorable, bright, and similar to you! The house arrangement is another great activity you are welcome to check out – the rooms will be decorated and furnished to your liking. Choose the style you would like to follow. Is it something bright and even psychedelic? No problem! Are you looking for something cute and cozy? Here you ago! How about… turning your room into a sky rocket? This is also possible! And then you will call other players to have fun with you – invite them to your place, enjoy parties, conversations, and games. Also, don’t forget that the game is full of opportunities, tasks, puzzles, quests. They are not only entertaining, but beneficial – each successfully completed task provides you with rewards. The in-game cash can be used to expand your building, designing, and clothing capacities.
And do you know what makes the game filled with cool features and opportunities even greater and richer? Of course, these are the mods! And guess what? We have a bunch of cool mods here for you. Using them is quite simple – download the APK files, allow the installment of applications to your computer, and then launch it! When you will open the game, the cool mode where numerous additional features are available and cool add-ons are at your disposal. Enrich your playing experience and see how amazing PK XD can be with amazing additional features we have here for you. Enjoy the mods for free!

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