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Behold, dear PK XD fans! Here comes the new version of the game, so get your hands on the keyboard and get ready for a new digital journey to a real heaven where all of your dreams will come true. The new version has a new engine, which makes the playing process smooth and comfortable. The glitches and small issues of the previous part were noticed and fixed by the game developers! What is more, the technical improvements are just a half of cool updates you are welcome to enjoy. There are incredible new opportunities for all of your favorite PK XD activities. Character creation, home design, quests, and pets are all updated now. You will find both the good old features as well new ones, that are even greater than you can expect.
As always, you start the playing process with avatar creation. Make a character that will represent you in this digital world. Change and adjust everything that you want, starting from the creature you will control (human, dragon, unicorn, and more) up to the smallest details like sunglasses and jewelry. There are new options in this version, so you will create someone really original. Don’t be shy to experiment – all the features are open for you! Next, the house-design options are also expanded. This means that new furniture and funny elements like disco balls and balloons are available. Also, you are welcome to get yourself a small fluffy pet! He or she will make your dwelling even more cozy and lively. The pets are all waiting for you in the special boxes – they are not transparent, so you have no idea which cutie is waiting for you there. However, be sure that you won’t be disappointed – all of them are equally nice! Enter PK XD, have fun, communicate with other players and discover a brand new way of online interaction!

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