PK XD Online

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Imagine that you and your friends appeared in a fairy-tale world, where everything around you is amazing and entertaining. Games, amazing activities, and cool locations are all around you! What is more, you can become anyone you want and live in a house that you create with your own hands! That’s amazing, right? Well, now you have such an opportunity – in PK XD Online all children can create the world of their dreams and enjoy it! So, what is waiting for you here? Literally, everything. You will make yourself a character, arrange a dwelling, take part in various activities together with other players, and even get yourself an animal-pet! Everything here can be done the way you want – the game includes thousands of combinations and opportunities you are welcome to enjoy. And here is the best part – they are all accessible and free.
First of all, the game will welcome you to create yourself an avatar – this your so-called digital representative in the universe of the game. Not only you can choose a character for yourself, but create him/her from scratch. Use various traits and elements to make up a cool and unique avatar. There are customization options for all parts of the body, face traits, hair, and clothes. Not only you can create a human being, but also a fairy-tale hero, like a Pegasus or even a lobster. Choose costumes, accessories, and make the character look any way you want. Second, get to the place where you will live – your own house! Everyone wants to have his/her own dwelling arranged and decorated the way they want! Now you are welcome to do that. So show how great you are in interior design – this is your own place and you can choose and apply any style here! Gain coins and spend them not only for cool clothes, but also amazing elements of décor and furniture.
Not only you will build, create, and decorate, but also cooperate, communicate and even compete! The server is full of real-life players and they will gladly make friends with you. Here you will play different quests together and take part in matches – win them all and receive additional gems and coins. Using these items, you will buy yourself some new clothes, furniture, and more! There are more activities here to enjoy. For example, you can visit an ice-cream cafeteria and have a nice lunch. Also, there are rivers and boats to check out – sail around the waters and relax seeing beautiful landscapes all around you. Visit the karaoke bar and sing songs, go to the disco club and dance, or simply have a walk in a green and nice park!

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