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Welcome to the digital world of PK XD: Roblox! Here you will find a fantastic and bright universe, where you and your buddies can lead a life of your dream. What is more, you will find more buddies here – this is a social environment of the new century! Various networks like Twitter and Facebook cannot provide you will such a level of customization and interaction! Here you can create yourself a character that looks like you or choose yourself any other look. There are numerous options when it comes to face traits, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, and other features. Whether you want to be a cool rock star, fairy, elf, or anyone else – here is your chance! And this is not all. You will create a character for you and then make up a dwelling for him or her. This means that you will own an entire apartment and vast design opportunities. Your character and his/her house can be made from the ground up – implement your boldest plans and ideas in PK XD!
The game is perfect for finding new friends and expressing yourself. This might be even a bit challenging – the game has numerous creative options! There is a wide range of furniture – from wallpapers of all colors, to bathroom items and decorations. You will easily choose your style that coincides with your personality. Whether you want to create a real party-room with balloons of all shapes and colors, puffs, and gamer chairs – you are free to do that! Also, you can arrange something really cozy and cute, adding a fireplace, fluffy carpet, and adorable kitchen items. Your imagination is the limit! When you are done with your marvelous house, arrange a holiday and call guests to have some fun! You can chat, play games, and enjoy amazing time together. You can also make a visit to some of the players as well. They will gladly accept you in their houses! Check their design ideas and share your plans in a live chat available for all participants.
When it comes to character creation, the number of options is no less huge than the house design. Here you can become even a unicorn or a dragon! Wear something funny like monster-legs slippers or lobster gloves! There are futuristic-style items, sunglasses, cool and stylish clothes, and more! Your head will go dizzy when you will see the variety of options. Create yourself a fantastic identity and live in the house of your dream – this is something you will never find anywhere else! PK XD provides safe environment for children of all ages that are welcome to join!

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