PK XD Update

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Fans cannot wait to get access to the updated versions of their most favorite titles. If you like social interactions, design, amazing quests, pet care, and numerous other ways of spending time with pleasure – PK XD must be familiar to you. And, of course, if it is, then you will be glad to know that we have something special for you here – an incredible update of the game. This means that your playing experience will become even more rich and bright than it ever was. Updated version includes everything you have already checked before, but not just that! Also, here you will find incredible new features that allow you to customize your character, get new animals as pets, and design your house in a more individual manner. Are you ready for a new session of creativity, chatting, and fun? Well, then, jump in right now!
So, first of all, you will pay special attention to the new customization opportunities that allow you to make your character look even cooler. Clothes, glasses, boots, hairstyles, and more – new experiments with the appearance are thrilling. And, of course, these experiments cannot stop on the first stage, but they continue! You are welcome to place your character in a brand new room decorated in a way you want. There are new items to place in your dwelling, including armchairs, tables, carpets, and more. Don’t forget to add something not-very-useful, but looking great – decorations!

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