PK XD Pet Shop

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We bet that your PK XD house is perfect. There is only one thing it lacks! Enjoy the pet shop and take a cute animal home – this will surely bring more life and joy to your dwelling. In the pet shop of PK XD you will meet so many amazing digital creatures that are willing to become your best friends! You can take a small cat to your house – he will purr on your knees and please your eye with funny and cute games. Also, there are dogs here – so loyal and empathic! They will stay near you, no matter what. Even when you feel sad, your pup will make you smile with his wet nose, clever eyes, and adherence. If you are looking for a more exotic pet than kitties and doggies, well, no problem! How about a small pig in your room? You can have one! They are no less amazing than more habitual dogs and cats.
There is something very special about PK XD pets. Not only you can choose one in a shop and take him home. Just like your character, the pets can be changed, customized, and upgraded. This means that you can make your pet look as cool and stylish as you are! What about following the same style for your clothes, house decorations, and pets? This will make you look really amazing and all the other players will surely envy you! Enjoy endless opportunities of the game and feel free to experiment the way you want. Gain scores, coins, and other rewards to unlock new opportunities. Readjust everything to your own liking and don’t stop improving everything that surrounds you – from your own character to his/her dwelling and even pets! Have fun!

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