PK XD 2020

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This is a cool, endless, and interactive 3D universe for you and your friends! PK XD is the environment where platers can connect to the amazing and bright world of games, creative activities, and quests to accomplish. What is more, one of the main features of the platform is a real-time chat for live communication and cooperation with other members! Create, play, and socialize in a bright and open world! The version of 2020 includes even more opportunities when it comes to decorations, design, character customization, and more. Accept this challenge and create the brightest house and the most incredible character ever! Boast of your ideas and skills, gain prizes, experiment, and have fun with your new and old buddies!
Discover the large world where you can find an activity to your liking. Whether you are here to find someone to chat with or to compete in a quest – no problem, you can do both and even more. The game now includes even more small games, additional missions, locations, and pets to adopt. You will create a character from the ground up, choosing the way he or she will look and now there are more clothes and accessories to make him/her even more individualized. The same happens with the interior design options – more armchairs, tables, wallpapers, and kitchen décor will become yours now. Arrange everything to your taste, show your creativeness, and invite other players to see your amazing house. Be anyone you want, create everything you would like to, and enjoy cool games and entertainments whether relaxing or thrilling – compete, hang out, sing songs, dance, and more! The game is endless and you will find something new and interesting any time you enter, because the real-life players are always there, which means that nothing is fixed!

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